Front Office Football Eight News

After probably the longest and most intense development cycle of my career, I feel confident in announcing the pending release of Front Office Football Eight. When, you might ask? I’m hoping it will be out on Steam on Wednesday. But that will be up to them. I will submit a final build by Monday morning.

You’ll notice a lot of changes in the new product. I think it looks a lot better. Another fantastic main background and branding from Cyril Chong – he’s also been wonderful working with my admittedly intense and varied development schedule. A new menu system designed to get you wherever you want in lightning speed. Non-modal windows mean you can have a lot of information on your screen(s) all at once.

There’s a new game planning system that’s modeled after how NFL coaches prepare for each game. And, each year, you’ll be able to install your own playbook, complete with plays designed to fit your team’s strengths. Of course, Rex is improved, and you’ll have more options for letting him get you through the complicated stuff at first.

Numerous other improvements and new features round out the package. This is definitely the biggest leap between new versions I’ve ever tried. This is the final major piece of new development for my vision of Front Office Football. After a good rest, I hope to start on TCY2. No promises there, but the vision has always been about having both products.

The price of Front Office Football Eight is $29.95. I will offer a 10% discount upon release to reward existing customers who know this is something they want right away.

Author: Jim Gindin

Founder and Lead Developer, Solecismic Software