Front Office Football Eight Released

Front Office Football Eight, the eighth version of our popular professional football simulation for the PC, was released this afternoon.

The new version of Front Office Football includes dozens of new features, designed to enhance your simulation experience. This is our most ambitious new product to date, and you’ll find it a much more realistic professional football experience.

The new game features custom offensive playbooks, new player participation charts, a more realistic game planning system modeled after how professional coaches prepare for games, enhanced multi-player support and a more efficient, cleaner user interface.

Front Office Football is designed to represent a snapshot of professional football as it exists under the current salary cap system. You play the role of the general manager of a team and try to maximize team performance and your franchise’s finances.

Front Office Football was originally released in 1998 and was nominated for several major Sports Game of the Year awards for the PC.

Author: Jim Gindin

Founder and Lead Developer, Solecismic Software