The Proverbial Non-Update Update

I promised to update everyone about the future of Front Office Football by the end of September. As we’re closing in on this date, I’m providing that update, but I have not made any decisions.

I was fairly certain I would have those decisions made by now, but they’re somewhat dependent on events which are out of my control.

I have been evaluating what I have in what we were calling Front Office Football 9. It needs a lot of custom artwork and it probably needs to be converted from Qt (which we were using as a framework base) back to a more familiar framework. Qt can do a lot of things, but every little change is time-consuming as all get-out and there are some serious incompatibilities with how it serves tables and what I need it to do. I would also have to redesign the framework to back out of using FaceGen since we never did the pieces that require our own custom artwork.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on my drawing skills and also how to better use custom artwork. The results look nice, but I’m stretching what that familiar framework can do. Plus, I need to redo the menu system and convert the framework to do paging the way pretty much every other game in the universe does it (spreading windows all over dual monitors is a lot of fun, but it destroys your review scores). So I’m not certain I could have FOF9 done by next fall.

I hope to have a real update by the end of October, but, then again, I thought I was being fairly conservative by saying end of September.