Week 2 NFL Quarterback Ratings

Updating with the game scores from Week 2 in the NFL. For each quarterback, their average game score for this season is in parentheses.

As an aside, I’ve actually received a handful of questions about why I stopped doing the college ratings. The simple answer is just that I’m busy and it’s a lot of work to set them up for a new season. It means compiling the season-opening ratings and then entering the schedules for 130 FBS schools. I ran them for 20 years. I don’t think I’ve received a single comment about them in a decade.

For a while I had hoped (because I’ve been part of Kenneth Massey’s comparison since the beginning and mine are decently accurate) I might become part of the media that takes part in the national computer rankings. But, somewhat like Lana Turner and the Top Hat Malt Shop and the legions of wannabe actresses who put away endless sodas hoping to follow her footsteps, no one discovered them. So I’m seeing what it feels like not to spend every early Sunday morning during the fall entering lots of data.

The NFL ratings are a lot less work and they tie more into the continual research I’m doing on pro football, so I’m continuing with them for now.

As another aside, I’ve noticed someone out there has made a rather determined effort to hack into this blog through a Ukrainian proxy. Just in case Robert Muller is one of my readers, no, I had nothing to do with the 2016 election. And I hope I’m practicing safe blogging by keeping WordPress updated and greatly limiting login attempts. Not sure why someone would want access to this blog – but if you ever see anything completely weird on my web site, like pictures of unclothed Ukranians, it wasn’t me.


Quarterback, Week 2 (Season Average)
Tom Brady 95 (68)
Derek Carr 81 (77)
Philip Rivers 81 (66)
Alex Smith 80 (88)
Matt Ryan 74 (78)
Jay Cutler 67 (67)
Ben Roethlisberger 61 (59)
Joe Flacco 60 (52)
Josh McCown 58 (47)
Kevin Hogan 58 (58)
Trevor Siemian 58 (56)
Matthew Stafford 56 (61)
Drew Brees 55 (64)
Cam Newton 54 (47)
Eli Manning 54 (56)
Jameis Winston 52 (52)
Jared Goff 52 (68)
Kirk Cousins 52 (41)
Aaron Rodgers 49 (53)
Tyrod Taylor 49 (51)
Marcus Mariota 48 (47)
Mike Glennon 46 (46)
Carson Palmer 45 (35)
Andy Dalton 43 (29)
Deshaun Watson 43 (32)
Carson Wentz 38 (48)
Russell Wilson 35 (34)
Blake Bortles 31 (39)
Dak Prescott 31 (42)
Case Keenum 29 (29)
Brian Hoyer 25 (33)
Jacoby Brissett 25 (25)
DeShone Kizer 15 (35)

Author: Jim Gindin

Founder and Lead Developer, Solecismic Software