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The College Years

The College Years

The College Years is the college football counterpart to Solecismic Software's award-winning Front Office Football.

In The College Years, you assume the role of the head coach of a major college football team. Each year, you'll recruit athletes from any of nearly 14,000 public high schools modeled in the game, train them and try to build a winning team in the challenging world of college football.

Long-term success in The College Years requires you to win championships, develop your school's academic reputation and build a profitable football program through alumni donations, television revenue and ticket sales.

The College Years is a text-based sports simulation aimed at fans who enjoy the numbers in sports as much as they enjoy the on-field action. The interface focuses on packing enormous amounts of data about each team and athlete into easily accessible lists and charts. The game simulation is depicted through play-by-play descriptions of the on-field action. Coaches can optionally view games through a graphical representation of a stadium scoreboard.

Coaches can simulate a full season very quickly on one of today's low-end computers. This speed is vital. The game's success centers around its depth, replay value and the ability to play literally hundreds of seasons in a career. The game is designed to run on any Windows-based operating system, '95 or later. However, if you are running Windows Vista or later, you will have to give The College Years full administrative privileges to save files into the installation directory and the directories underneath the installation directory.

The College Years is the sequel to original Front Office Football, a professional football simulation originally released in 1998. It received an Editors' Choice Award from Computer Gaming World and was nominated by Computer Gaming World and several online magazines for Sports Game of the Year. EA Sports Front Office Football (Front Office Football 2) and Front Office Football 2001 were published by Electronic Arts and also received Editors' Choice Awards from Computer Gaming World.

Free Demo Version

Before considering the game for purchase, please download The College Years Demo, free of charge, to see if you'll enjoy the retail version enough to warrant purchase.

This is a zipped archive of files. You will need to extract the files, then run the Setup program using the Run option from your Start button in order to install the demo.

The demo runs only the first two weeks of the 2002 season. It is not a locked version of the retail program. The retail program begins with the 2004 season and this cannot be updated to a more recent college football landscape. It can prove tricky to run on Windows 8 or 10 if you're not comfortable with file permissions. This is why we have lowered the price to $4.95.

Purchasing The College Years

The College Years was released on July 8, 2001. Version 1.3 was released on September 14, 2004.

We support all Windows-based operating systems from Windows '95 onward. However, the electronic licensing does not support Virtual PC on Macintosh-based computers.

On Windows 8 and Windows 10, you will need to ensure that you have write permission to the installation directory and all directories under the installation directory for the game to function properly.

To order the game, please Click on this Link to access the ViaTech store.

If you already own the game, and would like to upgrade to Version 1.3 at no cost, please visit the downloads area of the site. Make sure you download the correct version of the game (for CD or for ViaTech's eLicense).

You can also download and install the The College Years, ELicense Version. You will be prompted for an order ID from ViaTech.

Major Game Elements

The College Years Screen Shots

The best way to learn about a game, next to actually sitting down for a evening of simulation, is to view selected screen shots.

The College Years Screen Shot Each week, you'll have a new list of games to simulate. The league will determine television appearances each week. Television appearances generate additional revenue and exposure to potential recruits.
The College Years Screen Shot You can watch any game unfold on The College Years scoreboard. The message board at the bottom of the screen shows important statistics and game notes.
The College Years Screen Shot You can recruit from nearly 14,000 public high schools in The College Years. Just about every mainstream public high school with more than 100 students is included in the game.
The College Years Screen Shot With The College Years, you can choose to play using either a 24-team post-season tournament or a bowl system complete with conference affiliations and an attempt at a legitimate national championship game. Five different computer rating systems are included in the game, along with two simulated voter polls and a strength of schedule rating.
The College Years Screen Shot More than 80 individual statisitcs are tracked for every player in your league. In addition, you can view a detailed academic record for every student, lists of on-field honors he's received, a thorough scouting report and an assessment of how he uses his time while in school. You may even learn the name of his girlfriend.
The College Years Screen Shot With more than four thousand high school players ready for potential college careers every season, you'll need a very powerful screen to refine your search for the ultimate outside linebacker to add to next season's freshman class. You can phone recruits and visit their homes in hope they'll want to visit your school and accept your scholarship offer.
The College Years Screen Shot The team roster screen is your primary source of information about the players on each team. Six views give you access to scouting reports, academic information, an injury report and several other pieces of information about each student.
The College Years Screen Shot Use the depth chart screens to determine the lineup your team uses during games. You can set up to three players to use at every position. For starters, you can set how often a substitute will take their place on the field.

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