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Twenty years ago today, I said goodbye to some friends and left an office in a high-rise building in downtown Bellevue, Washington. We developed connectivity, inventory and process control software for a multinational corporation in that building. Ironically, it's across an intersection from the building Steam now occupies.

I've never been back to that office. In fact, that day, February 20, 1998, was the last day I was an employee of any company. That was the day I founded Solecismic Software.

I picked the right time to create this kind of game. Both Sierra and Electronic Arts were interested in publishing the second version. EA was great to work with, and it was only a bit of bad luck with advertisers that prevented us from creating a much bigger product. I went back to self-publishing and there have now been eight major releases of Front Office Football and one release of The College Years.

For those of you who have made this journey possible, I am thankful. If I could have survived the cubicle farms like the one I worked in back in 1998, I'd probably be richer today, but this has been a far more rewarding career.

Today, I'm pleased to announce that Solecismic Software has joined the Out of the Park Developments family. We started discussion along these lines about a year ago. Markus Heinsohn and Andreas Raht, who lead OOTP, have wanted a football game for a long time. They currently publish their flagship product, OOTP Baseball, as well as MLB Manager and Franchise Hockey Manager.

We've agreed that updating an established game is the best solution for the marketplace right now. Front Office Football will arrive under the OOTP umbrella late this year. The look and feel will be based on OOTP '19 (which will be released very soon) and the game will contain much of the Front Office Football Eight functionality, with a few key features added.

We have yet to finalize the rest of the development schedule, but the idea is to redesign Front Office Football in such a way that allows more flexibility down the road. That's what OOTP has always done with its baseball design, and what you should see with the new Front Office Football right from the start. I've been coding since late summer, Andreas is setting up the framework, and we're making a lot of progress.

Front Office Football Eight

On November 23, 2016, we released Front Office Football Eight, a new version of our flagship product. You can purchase the game exclusively through the Front Office Football Eight Steam Store. The most recent version is 8.1, released on October 24, 2017. This version contains the 2017 player file and schedule.

The game features an innovative new playbook and play-calling design, modeled on how professional coaches prepare for each contest. We made dozens of improvements to the game, including a new interface structure that allows you to move quickly between the nearly 200 screens of information within the game. You can explore your vast Front Office Football universe more thoroughly than ever.

Front Office Football Eight

In Front Office Football, you play the role of your favorite team's general manager. You determine your team's future through trading with opponents, negotiating contracts, bidding for free agents and building through the annual amateur draft.

You can also play the role of the armchair coach, setting game plans and depth charts, or even calling each play from an extensive playbook.

You can determine ticket prices and submit stadium construction plans for public approval. You can even move your team if the public won't properly support your franchise.

Front Office Football Eight includes a multi-player career mode with full ftp support, allowing you to compete in a league with up to 31 other enthusiastic general managers.

Solecismic Software

Solecismic Software is an entertainment software company dedicated to producing cutting-edge career football simulations. We have two primary products available: Front Office Football, our professional football simulation, and The College Years, our college football simulation. Solecismic Software

A career-play football simulation focuses on elements of the game you won't find in more traditional computer games. You'll still see the action unfold on the field, and in Front Office Football you can even call the plays. But you'll also build rosters, make trades, recruit from thousands of high schools, negotiate contracts and develop your school's academic reputation.

The games work together in forming an enjoyable simulated football experience. You can export seniors from The College Years into Front Office Football as draft-eligible rookies. The games work equally well on their own, as you'll find yourself making hundreds of decisions affecting every facet of your teams.

"Sports Simulations for the Twenty-First Century"

Solecismic Software was founded in 1998, and soon released Front Office Football, a simulation of professional football in America. The original game won several awards and was nominated for Computer Gaming World's Sports Game of the Year.

The sequels, EA Sports Front Office Football and Front Office Football 2001, brought new features and challenges to the series. Like their predecessor, both won an Editors' Choice Award from CGW and a 4 1/2-star review. These games were published by Electronic Arts.

Solecismic Software currently self-publishes both Front Office Football and The College Years, and has released ten retail games over the years.

Information about Solecismic Software

Solecismic Software remains committed to career-play football simulation. While we don't have a set release schedule, from time to time we do provide updates on the work in progress.

The Football Frontier is mostly analysis of professional and college football. But occasionally, we'll put up an article detailing a piece of development or providing information about future products.

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