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  • The Proverbial Non-Update Update

    I promised to update everyone about the future of Front Office Football by the end of September. As we’re closing in on this date, I’m providing that update, but I have not made any decisions. I was fairly certain I would have those decisions made by now, but they’re somewhat dependent on events which are […]

  • College of Quarterback Origin

    From time to time, I like to take a look at data I’ve collected about quarterbacking in the NFL. Examining these statistics is like a history lesson. You can view league totals and averages and see exactly how play-calling has evolved over the years. I’ve put a lot of that work into a spreadsheet that […]

  • Changes Ahead

    “The only certainty is that nothing is certain,” – translated from Pliny the Elder. Roman author Gaius Plinius Secundus was a noted philosopher of his time. One of the reasons so many of us endured Latin in high school was so we would have the pleasure of reading various motes of philosophy in their original […]

  • Drafting Quarterbacks

    Inspired by a brief discussion and some trash-talking among friends over the Jordan Love selection, I’ve been taking a long look at quarterbacks in the NFL draft. How are these selections made? When do you take a quarterback and what should you expect? I haven’t learned anything earth-shattering. I thought I’d share my process and […]

  • Eli Manning is Retiring

    With any good Hall of Fame discussion, the benchmarks for inclusion are critical. In the next few years, we will see those benchmarks defined quite clearly for NFL quarterbacks. Eli Manning will retire this week, having spent his entire career with the New York Giants. Philip Rivers is nearing the end of his career, spent […]

  • Patriots and Dynasties

    The media seems quite anxious to provide an epitaph for the Patriot dynasty after last night’s 20-13 wild-card loss to Tennessee. Understandable. In today’s click-bait virtual world, it’s harder and harder to make money off of advertising. Declaring that the world is not “on fire” after all is not a hot take that’s going to […]

  • Crisis Behind the Center?

    Much has been made of the sudden influx of new starting quarterbacks in the NFL. In week 3, unfamiliar names of Gardner Minshew, Jacoby Brissett, Luke Falk, Kyle Allen, Teddy Bridgewater and Mason Rudoph headlined depth charts rather than the quarterbacks who were expected to start this season. Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement, injuries to Drew […]

  • Luck of the Draw

    Andrew Luck shocked the NFL world by retiring yesterday. In 15 days, the Indianapolis Colts will begin the 2019 season. In 19 days, Luck will reach the age of 30. Luck has had more than his share of injuries, most notably missing the entire 2017 season after shoulder surgery. Much has been written about this […]

  • Fitzmagic? Yes, in Many Ways

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is a trivia hunter’s dream in many ways, a veritable Walter Mitty in shoulder pads and cleats. A Harvard graduate who seemed unlikely ever to see the field in the NFL, the Rams grabbed him with the 250th pick in the 2005 NFL draft. For reference, Tom Brady, the poster child for unheralded-to-all-time-great […]

  • Wide Receivers and Combine Numbers

    In the second half of this pre-draft analysis, I’ll write about the “Combine Numbers” associated with wide receivers. As I noted yesterday, the bell cow of the Combine, the 40-yard dash, is random noise when it comes to predicting whether a receiver will be a success in the NFL. Since some NFL athletes can run […]