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Game Settings

AI Settings

The game's AI will handle most team functions. The AI Settings screen allows you to prevent the AI from running your team during the year.

The following settings are available. They can be turned off and on at any time:

  • AI Makes Minor Roster Decisions: The AI will sign minimum-salary players to replace injured players on your roster. The AI will also sign players to give your team 53 players in-season and 60 players in the off-season, and will choose active and inactive players.
  • AI Makes Major Roster Decisions: The AI will participate in free agency and will handle your team's draft and resigning/releasing decisions for veterans.
  • AI Handles Team Playbook: The AI will add 200 offensive plays to your playbook at the end of training camp.
  • AI Handles Team Game Plan: The AI will scout your opponent and provide a complete game plan prior to each game.
  • AI Handles Team Depth Chart: The AI will choose starters for your team prior to each game.
  • AI Handles Off-Season GM Functions: The AI will choose ticket prices for your team and will handle stadium decisions and staffing decisions.

When an AI setting is turned on, it will run regardless of whether you've worked on your roster or game plan. It will reset game plan and depth chart choices.

Game Settings

You can also control some general settings for the simulation. These settings are for this universe only, and won't take effect until you've saved the contents of this screen. They won't remain in effect for your universe unless you save your universe when exiting the game.

  • Injury Setting. This setting determines the frequency of injuries during games. A value of 100 is the default, and this is a slightly lower injury level than you'd find in professional football. A value of 200 generates about twice that amount of injuries and 50 about half of that. Setting this to 0 essentially turns off injuries.
  • Combine Accuracy. This setting determines how accurately a player's rookie Combine measurements reflect his true abilities. A value of 100 is the default accuracy. A value of 200 would mean much more revealing Combine numbers. Lower numbers would mean that Combine performances would provide less true information about the player.
  • Annual Salary Cap Increase. These settings (minimum and maximum - minimum must range from 0 to 6 and maximum from 0 to 20) control the annual increase in the salary cap. These settings are in millions of dollars. Every few years, the game automatically signs a new television contract and chooses an annual increment in the cap from this range.
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