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Front Office Football Nine Interface

Front Office Football Nine runs in a single window, either full-screen or a portion of the screen. Most of your time playing will be spent with the screen in this format.

The information area at the top of the screen contains the screen title, a summary of the calendar, the day's weather in your team's home city and the three drop-down menus - League Menu, Team Menu and Game Menu. The League and Team menus contain links to screens within the game. The Game Menu allows you to simulate one or more days with one click.

The game keeps a history of the screens you've visited. The left and right arrows to the left of the screen title area allow you to go back and forward between those screens. If you have a seven-button mouse, the forward and backward buttons mirror work as well. This history is reset when a new year begins after the championship game.

If you are viewing player cards in a list of players, there are up and down arrows next to the player picture. You can use those arrows to navigate that list. With a seven-button mouse, moving the center wheel left and right mirrors those arrow buttons.

The main menu is below the information area. This contains a strip of buttons allowing you to navigate from screen to screen. Many of the buttons open a secondary strip of related screens.

The navigation toolbar is usually docked on the right side of the screen (it can be pulled into its own window, but it only docks on the right side). This contains a strip of buttons, including the new universe, load and save buttons as well as the global settings and help buttons. The help button leads to this instruction manual.

The rest of the buttons on the toolbar link to the more important screens within the game. There's also a button that allows you to simulate one day on the calendar.

Screen Elements

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