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League Functions

The League Menu in the top section of the screen contains links to screens that display information related to the entire league. This is one of several categories of screens within the game. The League Menu also contains links to the Almanac, another of the major categories of screens.

Most screens in the league section can be directly accessed from the League Menu. All screens can be accessed from the main menu system below the top section.

League Screens

League Section

  • Overview: The primary League screen shows the most recent season standings and playoff games as well as an overview of individual and team statistical leaders.
  • Weather Map: When maps are enabled, the Weather Map screen shows a scrollable and draggable map of the world, displaying the current weather for each metropolitan area. At lower resolutions, the map only shows entries for metro areas that have teams in your league. At higher resolutions, there are entries for all metro areas. When maps are disabled, this screen shows a list of metro-area weather reports.
  • Metro Areas: The purpose of this screen is to list fan allegiance within your league. Every year, prior to training camp, every television station in the countries that have at least one franchise in your league chooses a team to follow. One or more metro areas make up each television station's territory. This screen displays a list of television stations and their team allegiance for the year as well as an estimate of each team's total fan base.
  • Fan Support Map: When maps are enabled, this screen shows a scrollable and draggable map of the world, displaying the team allegiance for each television station.
  • College Report: This screen shows a list of all colleges and universities that have ever produced a league player, along with the number of active, inactive and retired players it has produced.
  • Almanac: This is a button that links to the primary Almanac screen.

Standings Section

  • Season: This screen shows the league standings for a season, along with all categories used for tie-breaking purposes.
  • Exhibition: This screen shows the league's exhibition game standings for a season.
  • Probability: During the season, this screen runs a Monte Carlo simulation of the remaining games in the season schedule, producing a percentage chance for each team in reaching the playoffs, winning a division, gaining a playoff bye or gaining the top seed in a conference. The longer you run the simulation, the more accurate the results.
  • Playoffs: During the playoffs, this screen displays the playoff tree.

Scores Section

  • Scores: This screen shows a list of all games played during a year, along with some stats and the game's MVP. A checkbox allowing you to simulate your own team's games is located on this screen. When enabled, when you simulate a game day, you can watch as your game is simulated, and call the plays if you like.

Schedule Section

  • Schedule: This screen shows the results of all the games in one week during the season. A checkbox allowing you to simulate your own team's games is located on this screen. When enabled, when you simulate a game day, you can watch as your game is simulated, and call the plays if you like.

Player Info Section

  • Prospects: This screen shows the Green Sheet, a list of the most promising young prospects in the league.
  • Top Compensation: This screen lists the top active players in the league, in order of yearly compensation (salary plus applied bonus).
  • Career Earnings: This screen lists the top players in the history of the league in order of total career financial compensation.
  • QB Records: This screen lists the career record of every quarterback in league history who is active with at least one career decision or retired with 20 or more career decisions.
  • QB Careers: This screen shows every quarterback in league history who has made seven or more starts, along with his average game score for that season. It is organized by years of experience. The 1 column shows rookie results, all the way up to the most experienced starter in league history. Game scores are a Solecismic score based on correlating a series of statistical measures to winning in professional football.

Team Info Section

  • Power Ratings: During the season, this screen provides power ratings for every team in the league. The power ratings are used to calculate point spreads and playoff probabilities.
  • Rosters: This screen provides a relative assessment of each team's roster strength in various position groups. The top score for each group is always 100.
  • Cohesion: This screen shows league cohesion ratings for position groups. The cohesion rating is a measure of how familiar players in a group are with each other. The more familiar, the better they perform together. This is particularly important for offensive linemen.
  • Snap Counts: This screen displays the percentage of snaps on each team accumulated from players who were drafted (or first signed undrafted) by their current team.
  • Average Age: This screen shows the average age of players in each position group.

Financial Section

  • Summary: This screen shows the total estimated value (in millions of dollars) of each franchise, along with how that assessment is calculated, by category.
  • Brand: This screen estimates the value of each team's brand, which is a combination of several factors.
  • Profit: This screen shows a profit/loss statement summary for each team in the league.
  • Income: This screen shows a single team's profit and loss statement for a given year.
  • Stadiums: This screen provides an overview of team stadiums in the league as well as the result of votes to build new stadiums or move franchises over the last ten years. Teams may try to move a franchise once a vote to build a new stadium in their home city has failed.
  • Tickets: This screen provides a detailed summary of ticket costs and revenue in the league over the past year.
  • Attendance: This screen shows a summary of home and road attendance, by team, in a given year.
  • Salary Cap: This screen provides an assessment of each team's salary cap spending for this season and next season.
  • Franchise: This screen shows a list of players who received the Franchise Player designation, a one-year contract at the average compensation cost of the top ten players in the league at a given position, for the current season.
  • Jerseys: This screen shows the players who sold the most jerseys during the last year and the most jerseys over their entire active career.
  • Fifth Year: This screen shows a list of players who are eligible, on your team, to receive a fifth-year rookie contract extension. These extensions are only available to players you drafted in the first round. You must make this decision on Rookie Extension Day before the player's fourth season in the league. The player then receives a one-year contract extension.

News Section

  • Injury Log: This is a list of all injuries in the league, as well as assessments for surgery, which are made early in the week following an on-field injury.
  • Transaction Log: This is a list of all transactions in the league.
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