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Player Cards

Player cards contain a wealth of information about each player in the league.

Player Card Screens

Profile Section

This is the primary screen for player information. For the information that's not completely self-explanatory, you can mouse-over any entry in a list for a description of the information. This screen has the following areas:

  • Player Ratings: ratings are from the perspective of your staff, with 0 being of minimum competence for performance in the league and 100 being elite.
  • Ratings History: if ratings tracking is turned on, this drop-down allows you to view a player's scouted potential in each category based on past observation, taken before and after training camp each season.
  • Positional Experience: players need experience at a position before they perform up to their full abilities.
  • Demographic Information: the Universe ID is used to identify player pictures. If you want to provide a player picture for a player in this universe, follow the instructions for naming a bitmap file and placing it in the portraits folder for this saved game.
  • Measurements: players are measured by height, hand size, arm size and weight.
  • Chemistry: chemistry is limited to quarterbacks and wide receivers on a roster. You won't know if your quarterback has good chemistry with a receiver until they're on the roster together. Chemistry can affect on-field performance.
  • Awards and Honors: a list of league awards, single-season milestones and all-time team ratings in several categories.
  • Contract Status: details about a player's contract, as well as career earnings and number of jerseys sold as an active player.
  • Action: a drop-down that gives you the ability, if allowed at this time, to release players, place them or remove them from Injured Reserve, change their primary position or their uniform number.
  • Personality: information about a player's personality traits, including whether they have Mentor or Red Flag status or are a captain on the field.
  • Combine: scores from the scouting Combine taken before their rookie season. The colors of the text (as well as the mouse-over text) indicate how good a performance was, among others in the player's position.

Medical/Transactions Section

This section provides an overview of the player's health, along with a diagram and text showing a player's risk of injury to certain body areas. Many injuries like broken bones do not fall into one of these categories - they occur at roughly the same rates among players.

There's also a complete injury log for the player and a log of transactions involving that player.

Statistics Section

This section shows a complete set of season or playoff statistics for a player's career.

Game Log Section

This section shows a complete log of every regular-season or playoff game that this player has appeared in. Quite a few statistics are included, but not as many as are collected for a full season.

Contract Section

This section shows a player's current contract. If possible at this time, you can use this screen to offer the player a new or renegotiated contract. Contracts come in a simple form: a salary for each season, up to five, and a bonus, payable right away. The bonus is considered guaranteed money and salaries are never guaranteed.

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