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Getting Started - Full Draft

If you've selected a full 53-round to begin a new universe, all players are placed in the draft pool. A random draft order is created. The team drafting first in the first round drafts first in every odd-numbered round and last in every even-numbered round.

The list near the top of the page shows all available players, and can be filtered by position. A toggle button allows you either to look at player measurements or player Combine values.

The list at the bottom of the page shows the player's you've already drafted.

If you hold your mouse over the icons in each player entry, you can see more information about each player. Holding your mouse over an “r” icon reveals a pop-up with your scout's impression of that player's attributes. Holding your mouse over a “c” icon reveals a pop-up with a player's original scouting combine results.

There are no player cards available during an allocation draft.

You can have your staff draft for your team or you can make all of your team's selections yourself, with your staff offering a suggested choice.

When the draft is completed, the league will advance to the end of training camp and you can begin running your team.

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