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Global Settings

The global settings page allows you to customize the game to an extent.

The most important setting is the base font used for displaying text. You should experiment with the font to find one that allows you to read the display easily and that fits all the information from a screen properly given your chosen game window size.

The game defaults to using Calibri at size 11, but you can choose any installed font on your system at a size from 10 to 18. Italic and Bold style options are ignored. You can choose a variable font, and choose one of the font styles. However, because the Microsoft font chooser predates variable fonts, this choice will not be reflected in the font box if you visit this screen later. The game will remember and use it, though.

You can even try a symbol font, but that will probably make the game difficult to play. Experiment with this. If you're finding that list headers aren't displaying in full and screens look too crowded, your font is likely too large.

If you're on Windows 10 or later, we recommend choosing Bahnschrift Light SemiCondensed. This is a variable font, but the game will use it.

Several skin colors are included in the game. Each color is a palette used in lists and other screen elements. Because text color can't be changed, these skins are all darker colors. The game doesn't allow you to add to this list.

The Show Standings when Simulating option controls what you see on the screen that pops up when the game is simulating days.

The Play Voices while running Visual Podcast controls whether Windows voices read the highlights when you're using the Podcast function reviewing a week of action in your league.

The Allow Computer-Run Teams to Change Cities option allows teams run by the game's UI to try and move to another city if they can't upgrade their home stadiums.

The Use Black Toolbar Icons with All Skins option causes the game to use black toolbar icons on the right edge of the screen rather than icons in the same color as the skin.

The Use fewer and more basic highlight colors in lists option (not shown in the screen shot - it was added in 9.0e) causes the game to use a neutral color to display all numbers that refer to a 0-100 assessment or rating, as well as a reduced palette of colors to indicate player positions.

You can control how many milliseconds you have to hold the mouse over an entry before a pop-up window appears over a list. This should be longer with draggable lists (primarily setting depth charts and game plans) because pop-ups can get annoying when trying to use the drag-and-drop function.

The Show Weather and Team Control Maps option allows access to the screens that display a map of the world. These maps, provided using PJ Naugher's mapping interface, require an internet connection and use OpenStreetMaps to display information from your league. As they are very resource intensive and can get in the way if you aren't connected to the internet, you can disable use.

When you've made your selections, in some cases (changing the skin and/or font) you need to restart the game before your changes take effect.

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