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Game Functions

The Game Menu in the top section of the screen allows you to simulate a day or more in your league. Simulating days is the mechanism for moving forward on the timeline. The game's AI will manage the other teams in the league.

The top selection in the menu runs only today's actions and advances the calendar to the next day. The same action will take place if you click on the checkmark (Simulate One Day) on the Navigation Toolbar or the Simulate button on the Team Management screen.

In addition, you can quickly simulate many more days using the Game Menu. The menu offers several events to simulate to, including the entire season through the championship game. Depending on what you allow the AI to do in your Game Settings, if you select a future event, it will simulate until that point is reached, or until an event occurs that the AI doesn't do on its own for your team.

The bottom selection, Run Until… brings up a calendar. If a date is chosen, the game will simulate until that date. That option is limited to 10,000 days at one time (about 27 years).

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