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Getting Started - Playing the Game

Front Office Football progresses from stage to stage by simulating “days”, which essentially means the game's AI takes care of the day's activities and the calendar moves to the next day.

When you start a new universe, it's the last day of training camp. This is your opportunity to create a new playbook for the upcoming season. The game's AI will take care of this for you if you like. Visit the Game Settings page, accessed through the Team Menu to control how much the game's AI handles for your team.

Any time you're unsure of what you want to do on a given day, visit the Manage Team page. This can be found by selecting Management Overview on the Team Menu or the League News and To Do List icon on the Toolbar or Team→Manage→Manage Team in the main menu system. You'll see links to all the important functions you can undertake that day. There's a yearly calendar of important dates. You can also simulate forward a day.

This screen is always the place to go to learn about actions you can take when playing. Whenever you're uncertain about your next move, go here.

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