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Getting Started - League Structure

This step is skipped when you're using the supplied Front Office Football Player files, as they are specific to the 32-team, 17-game league structure. It is also skipped when you're using a custom player file set.

With random players, your next choice is the league structure for your universe. Each potential league structure requires a scheduling file and entries in the team file. Quite a few choices are supplied with the game. All leagues have two conferences, with conference champions meeting in a year-end championship game. Leagues must have an even number (2, 4, 6 or 8) of divisions. There can be no more than eight teams in a division.

It is possible to add new league structures and schedules to the supplied list, but that requires detailed knowledge of those file structures, as mistakes can result in teams playing different numbers of games or even rendering a universe unusable. While customization of these choices is possible, these files are the most difficult to create because of scheduling.

Initial Player Allocation

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