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Offensive Playbook

Your offensive playbook contains the 100-to-200 offensive plays your team will run during the upcoming season. You create this playbook during the training camp stage each year. If you don't create a playbook during this stage, the game will create one for you based on your team's strengths and weaknesses.

Valid playbooks must contain at least 100 offensive plays, including 40 pass plays and 25 run plays.

You are allowed to change all the plays in your offensive playbook during the training camp stage of the season. During the season, including during exhibition season, you may install up to eight new offensive plays each week. You can view your playbook at any time during the season.

If you set the option for the coach to handle your playbook on the AI Game Settings Screen, your playbook is set for you in training camp regardless of what you do with this screen. This option is on after you install Front Office Football.

For each game during the season, you can choose up to 40 unique plays from this playbook for use in your game plan.

Each week during the season, you can install up to eight new plays. However, you can't edit existing plays after training camp. If you need to make room for new plays, you'll have to delete existing plays.

During the season, once you've changed your playbook, your offensive game plan may be reset.

The following actions are available from the Action drop-down selector:

  • Add New Play: Add a play to the playbook, if there's room.
  • Edit Selected Play: Edit the highlighted play.
  • Delete Selected Play: Remove the highlighted play from the playbook.
  • Generate New Plays: Generates a requested number of new plays based on your offensive coordinator's strengths and assessment of your team and adds them to the playbook.
  • Generate Guided New Plays: Generates a requested number based on a series of criteria you set and adds them to the playbook.
  • Erase Playbook: Removes all the plays from the playbook.
  • Save Playbook: Saves the current playbook in the strategy folder of your current universe.
  • Load Playbook: Prompts you to load an existing playbook, erasing the current playbook.

See the Offensive Play section for information about plays.

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