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Screen Elements

The most important element on most screens is the list element. This is the primary mechanism for displaying information within the game. Think of it as a miniature spreadsheet.

Most lists have a row of headers. In many cases, you can click on a header to sort the list by the designated category. Whenever you can sort by one category, the list will remember the previous sort category and will break ties using that category.

When sorting has taken place, the main sort category has a small triangle on the right side of the header. It points down if the sort is in the primary order (usually most to least) for that category. It points up if it's a reverse sort. The secondary sort category is marked by a thin rectangle.

You can always hold the mouse over a header, and a pop-up will appear showing what the abbreviation in the header stands for.

In addition, there is often pop-up information available about an individual entry. Player information, staff information, game summaries, even play diagrams in the game-planning section can be found by holding the mouse over an entry in a list.

The second major element type is the drop-down selector. It is used primarily in two different ways within the game. The first is to select a view on a list or a filter for a list. The second is to select an action from a list of possible actions.

Global Settings

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