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Getting Started - Preference Draft

A preference draft begins a new universe with a 53-round automated draft. Your team is drafted from the player pool along with all the other teams. A draft order is selected randomly. The team choosing first in round one goes last in round two, then first in round three and all other odd-numbered rounds.

Values in this chart are based on relative weighting factors. Teams will assess each players, then apply a position weight. If you want to value your starting quarterback above all other positions, put a 99 in this box. The backup value is used once your team has enough starters in that position, then the reserve value once there are enough backups for a 47-man roster.

You can also select values for major traits. For instance, if you set DT emphasis on pass rush vs. run defense to a value higher than 50, the game will weight pass rush more than it usually does when evaluating defensive tackles for you during the preference draft.

Once you're settled on these selections, hit the Run Draft button and the game will run the full preference draft. After that, you will begin your new universe at the end of training camp.

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