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Getting Started

Begin a new universe by selecting the New Game button on the initial game screen or by selecting the New Game button on the toolbar.

This will initiate the new game wizard. Use the wizard to make a choice, then continue to the next choice.

Your first choice is the folder name for your new universe. This is where the saved game is stored on your computer. Saved games are stored on your computer because they quickly become far too large for practical cloud storage.

This choice creates a new folder in the AppData section of your Windows profile.

You also chose whether to use a Front Office Football Player file supplied with the game. If enabled and there are multiple starting years included (as of now, the game only includes a starting point in 2023), you can chose the start year within that player file. A player file is also connected with a file that includes quarterbacks, a file that includes coaching staff and a file that contains a schedule of games for the first season.

If you choose not to use the default player file, the game will create fictional players for this universe. A universe with fictional players will always start in 2023.

Custom Player Files

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