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Getting Started - Custom Player Files

This step is skipped when you're using the supplied Front Office Football Player files.

If you check the Use Your Own Player File Set box, you can select the CHOOSE CUSTOM FILE SET button to load a set of custom player files for your new universe.

A custom player file set consists of an info file, which contains the league structure for the universe. This must match a supported league structure. It also contains a matching quarterbacks file, players file and coaches files. You should load the info file with this step.

These files allow you to set up a universe with defined rosters for a league of any structure. They also allow you to set up lists of draftable players for any year of your new universe.

The file names are all in the form “xxxx_info.csv, xxxx_players.csv, xxxx_quarterbacks.csv and xxxx_coaches.csv. The root of the file (xxxx) must match the info file or the game will not use it with your universe.

There's a sample set of custom files in the custom_example folder off of the game's installation folder. There are also text files explaining how the system works.

This is an advanced customization topic. Customer support cannot provide additional help in setting up your own custom player files.

Initial Player Allocation

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