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Getting Started - Other Universe Options

The following options are set at the start of a new universe:

  • Have coaching staff handle depth charts, game plan and playbook. If this option is checked, your staff will reset the depth chart and game plan prior to each game during the season. Your staff will also create a new playbook for your team during training camp.
  • Have coaching staff sign players when needed to fill roster. If this option is checked, your staff will sign new players during the season if injuries or other events require a new acquisition.
  • Have coaching staff handle off-season functions and roster moves. If this option is checked, your staff will go through the stages of the off-season, including possibly signing a franchise player, participating in free agency and making the team's selections in the annual amateur draft. It will not trade players, however.
  • Injury Setting. This setting determines the frequency of injuries during games. A value of 100 is the default, and this is a slightly lower injury level than you'd find in professional football. A value of 200 generates about twice that amount of injuries and 50 about half of that. Setting this to 0 essentially turns off injuries.
  • Combine Accuracy. This setting (0-100) determines how accurately a player's rookie Combine measurements reflect his true abilities. A value of 100 is the default accuracy. This means much more revealing Combine numbers. Lower accuracy numbers mean that Combine performances provide less true information about the player and offer more of a challenge.

These values can be changed through the team settings screen during play.

Selecting the Create Teams button ends this portion of the new universe wizard, and creates teams for your new league.

Controlled Team Selection

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